Its spring time for the stripes to shine


As the days are getting long and the nights are warm we are preparing for summer. Well maybe not here in the USA where we have having still snow and rain, which in California we desperately need…Water! But enough of what we do need it is what we want…Stripes! I do believe that stripes on dresses, shirts shoes makes me think of my European Summers. Even Interiors can have stripes, the most famous stripe in Interior Design and signature style of Ralph Lauren. It always reminds me of warm summer nights.

What is a stripe?

a. A long narrow band distinguished, as by color or texture, from the surrounding material or surface.

b. A textile pattern of parallel bands or lines on a contrasting background.
c. A fabric having such a pattern.
I am a huge fan of stripes in my fashion closet I do have several pieces of stripe shirts and even a stripe dress. Also, in Interior Design stripes are very popular, in pillows, sofas, dining chairs and even wallpaper. Since the weather is getting “warmer” it is time to dust off your stripes and wear them or design your house with them. A few images that have inspired me to either design or wear stripes ( images are from pinterest and google)
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Oscar De La Renta


3 thoughts on “Its spring time for the stripes to shine

  1. Hey, I really liked going through your post – I can appreciate you put effort into it, so well done keep it up! Very cool, interesting (and stylish too!) Come check out my blog if you get the time, I recently posted my favourite Met gala looks
    Keep blogging!
    p.s. whats your favourite kind of stripe?

    1. Hi Mimi!
      Thank you! I will check out your blog and follow it! Ah the Met Gala!!! So much good fashion and some not!
      My favorite stripe is either really thick and big stripe or men’s wear, especially on a big tufted man lounger. What is your favorite kind of stripe?
      Keep blogging

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