Moroccan on trend


One of the most evolving trend there is, is Moroccan. I have not had the opportunity to visit Morocco, but I do have friends have been there and they have expressed the inspiration they have found while traveling to Morocco. I always think of Morocco a very exotic but most hidden gem. So many things have come from the Moroccan culture…food, art, fashion, interiors. One of my very dear friends Costa has Moroccan chandeliers throughout his apartment in San Francisco. Which has inspired me to write this blog along with doing more research.

Runway fashion is the best way to express your creativity. My favorite quote of all time ” Everyday is a fashion show, and the world is your runway!” I believe this is true. If you can rock it then wear it, who cares what others think. That is the beauty of fashion design, you can express yourself.

Lanvin Runway Paris Fashion Week
Mara Hoffaman Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2015
Mara Hoffaman Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2015

Bold prints and pattern make up the Moroccan feel. Lanvin and Mara Hoffman did a great job of representing Moroccan fashion with a new age twist.

(all images from google)

What cannot be reinvented are Moroccan lighting. This can make the room feel more Moroccan even if you do not have that style of home. This style of lighting always inspires me. This type of lighting inspired me to write this blog entry. (all images from google image)

lm07c_2_ mediterranean-pendant-lighting x3_lAnother inspiring Moroccan style is the tile (all images from google image)

untitled zel036-la zel037-la I love the colors and how each tile is a pattern that once all the tile is in place it looks like one continuous pattern.

You can place these tiles only half way up the wall and then you can add paint to finish it off. I always say I only use Benjamin Moore paint.  ( all images are from Benjamin Moore online)

2064-40 2020-40

2016-402000-30As I mention in my last couple entries. I always referrer to my paint by Benjamin Moore.  I have chosen this paint colors that I think represent the Moroccan style: 2055-40 Bahama Sea blue, 2020-40 Yellow rain coat, 2016-40 Marmalade, 2000-30 red tulip. You can find these at your local paint store that carries Benjamin Moore.

Last but not least rugs (image from my iPhone)

IMG_0498And now here are Moroccan Interiors (images of google) hqdefault home_1-840x560 FS-124 Emerald-Green-Interiors-wanderlust-Morocco-2 article-1080793-024184A6000005DC-622_634x745

Never want to grow up…

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When I was a little girl of course girls had all the cute outfits and so many choices. Boys on the other hand had pants, shirts and tennis shoes..unless you were a preppy child, then khakis were it. Now a days kids, children boys and girls have so many more stylish clothing… see photos above (Pinterest) under the category boys girls fashion, and this what pops up. It almost no wait it is like grown up fashion. Kids want to dress like adults and adults want to dress like children. Girls- babydoll dresses oh yes they are back. For guys…preppy, punk it is also in children’s wear!  Fashion 2015 runway has just shown baby doll dresses! (All images from Google)

Chloe babydoll dress
Chloe babydoll dress
Alexander Wang
Saint Laurent
Rihana wearing a babydoll dress

Favim_com-9809Since we are on the topic of baby and fashion another important part of design and fashion is color. I love love Benjamin Moore paint and I have chose some paint chips that represent baby and kids interiors along with images of some of my inspirational images of  Interior Design.

Boys Interior Paint color scheme:

boys colors
HC 119, 2129-40, 336,2004-10,2058-60 Benjamin Moore

Girls Interior Paint Color Scheme:

1411,2029-40,2006-40, HC-4, 1439 Benjamin Moore Paint
1411,2029-40,2006-40, HC-4, 1439
Benjamin Moore Paint

Here are some inspired Baby Interiors: (all images Google)

traditional-kids traditional-kids boys contemporary-nursery Luxurious-Baby-Pink-and-White-Living-Room-Interior

Organic Feel
Organic Feel

As Peter Pan said…” I never want to grow up” we can all dream!