Funky Fashion…Funky Interiors

Growing up in the 90’s was a very interesting time. I do not remember thinking the fashion sense was amazing, but I do remember being a kid and dressing the way I wanted to. No one judged you because lets face it …you were a kid. I have always dresses to the beat of my own drum. I rocked whatever I wore even different color nail polish on each finger nail. Speaking of nail polish, does anyone remember Hard Candy nail polish? The best part of Hard Candy was the rings. (see photo below- google image)

Hard Candy Nail Polish

I think I must of had 10 different polish, perfect that is one color for every nail. A lot has changed in fashion, trends, but what stays the same are the funky colors and the funky fashion. One of the most amazing Fashion Designers out there was Alexander McQueen his fashion still lives on, but what a talented designer. Always making his runway so avant garde that pushes you to be more creative. Some of the avant garde fashion designers out there are: Betsey Johnson, Marc Jacobs, McQueen. See photos of their work below.

Alexander McQueen Runway
Marc Jacobs ss 15
Marc Jacobs runway s/s 15
Bestey Johnson Runway
Alexander McQuee Fashion Exhibit

Also, fashion does influence Interior Design. Many Interior Designers pay homage to fashion designers.I have also included funky Interiors. You can always make funky interiors look tasteful. Do not be afraid to be bold. Be yourself and rock whatever you want to. There is a saying ” funky, fresh” yes funky can be fresh. (All images are from google image)

Kourtney Kardashian Calabasas house
Bathroom fit for a skier
Slid to call your children to come down stairs
New way to sit at a table

The Icon…The Legend…Marilyn Monroe

marilynMonroeI was honored by my company to work in the Las Vegas showroom during Summer/ Fall Furniture Market 2015. Las Vegas host this wonderful inspiring Market twice a year, January and August.  The hotel that I was staying at was SLS Hotel, it is brand new on the Las Vegas strip, which the original SLS Hotel is located in Beverly Hills California. It did feel like I was staying in LA but I was in Vegas. One of the iconic photos right when you walk into the hotel just before heading to the check in desk is a photo of the Iconic Marilyn Monroe, see above without the quote. I did post this on my Instagram not knowing that August 5th was the anniversary of her death. Born on June 1st,1926 and died on August 5th, 1962. Just turned 36 years old. But what a legend and legacy she has left. Movies, fashion, inspiration, clothing and even hair style she as left for us to recreate and just to that she died with class never allowing generations forget who she is. Even in todays world many Fashion Designers find her style her image inspiration to create a collection.

 Oscar De La Renta fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015
Oscar De La Renta fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015
Dolce and Gabanna inspirited Marilyn print on the dress
Dolce and Gabanna inspirited Marilyn print on the dress
Dior 2015 runway  Michelle Williams wearing the dress
Dior 2015 runway
Michelle Williams wearing the dress
Marilyn Monroe inspired this dress with a 2015 twist


(all images are from google)

Since Marilyn has inspired fashion she has also taken the inspiration to Interior Design: (all images are from google)

Maybe we have a little Marilyn Monroe in all of us