My Style…Calfornia Fresh


My style.. honestly my style is a little of this and little of that.

Having dinner last night with a friend, they described me as fresh. I am just me! Back in my high school days I always wore what was on trend, which did not make me an individual. When I was a kid, I wore what I want. Looking at old 80’s and 90’s photos thinking to myself woah, I did march to my own beat of my drum.  Now that I am older and wiser, I dress what I am most comfortable in, what makes me feel good, what I know I can rock it. Even if it way out there I always try to rock it.

My style has changed throughout the years…high school…surfer type, zip up hoodies, Roxy and flip flops. In college, when I first started FIDM it was trendy to fit in the LA lifestyle, but the end I wore what was most comfortable to me, if that meant flip flops everyday even in the rain, like a true California girl! Now that I am in the working world, I try to mix all types of fashion, surfer, California, trendy, all black, colors, white, sporty, it is never a dull moment in my style. Now with social media I can express what type of style I do go for. Thanks to Pinterest ! you can check out my style board to get a better sense.

What is your style?


Grey not just a color…but a statement!

12145077_595733803907663_1037106721_nI have been lagging on writing a blog post in quite a while. More like a mental break. I love fashion and I love interior design but sometimes when you are living, breathing, sleeping, working it, you lose sight of what you really love and you push it away. Well I am back and stronger than ever to write more post.

Now that fall is fast approaching…summer clothing is set aside on the other side of the closet or in boxes under the bed. It’s time to bring out the fall and winter clothing… being from the golden state where the sun is always shining, most of my fall /winter clothing still have a hit of summer attached them…

Grey…when black and white are mixed together. Throughout fashion, gray has always been on trend…fashion magazines have always put grey in the spotlight but black and white have always been at the forefront. Going into fall/winter of 2015…grey is finally at the forefront of fashion and interior design. Just take Target…Adam Lippes…grey plaids and all grey colors. Some of my favorite fashion houses has been using the grey color in all of their collections. (all images are from google)

mens-fashion-trend-grey-weekend-casuals-thefashioncult grey_020608 gray-runway

The grey pallet for Interior Design has always been on trend…neutral sofas. chairs, and even wall colors. Some of my favorite Benjamin Moore Paint Chips…Sterling Grey 1461 and Metro Grey 1459. (all images are from google)

untitled    1461

Here are some of my favorite Grey Interiors and exteriors (all images are from google)

Grey-Interior-Black-Sofa grey-front-door gray-interior-design-dining-room1  Grey is a very neutral color but it has such a bold statement!