International color for Love…Red


Since February is considered the month of love. I associate love with the color red.

There are many more meanings of the color red than just love. Some cultures believe that the color red is a sign of good luck, bring good fortune to you. Others believe that the color red symbolizes joy, life, energy and creativity. There are also ways on how a color makes us fill physically such as it increases enthusiasm, stimulates energy, increase blood pressure, encourages action and also confidence. It can also provide a sense of protection from fears and anxiety.  All About The Color RED .

Red has guts …. deep, strong, dramatic. A geranium red. A Goya red … to be used like gold for furnishing a house … for clothes, it is strong, like black or white.” – Valentino

” I always put in one controversial item, it makes people talk”- Dorothy Draper

Benjamin Moore – Dinner Party, Caliente and Moroccan Red

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Just like Scarlet O’Hara, you can never have too much red in your life.


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