Italian style

Italian Style

Every now and then I do take a vacation. My family is from Italy both sides my mother and my father as well. Maybe that is why I love my career fashion and interior design. If you ever get the chance or you do get to go to Italy for business or just to visit, you will have an amazing time rich with culture. I do have a pinterest board all about Italian fashion, and culture:

Ever since I was a little girl going to Italy to visit my grandmother was a place for me to recharge my batteries, stop thinking about work, friends, boyfriends daily drama and to embrace life. The Italians know how to live…they take 2 hour lunches and have almost 1 month off for vacation. The way of life the Italian way is always be in style and own the world but also take time and smell the roses. Live life! Some of my favorite Italian fashion designers and Interiors: (all images are either from google and pinterest)

Italian Fashion

Italian Food

typical Italian coffee – espresso
Pasta with meat sauce
Italian spread- meat, cheese and wine
my grandmothers chocolate

Italian Interiors

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