A Picture says a Thousand Words..

My mom use to say…a pictures says a thousand words. Maybe she is right. Or I have heard pictures are the eyes to your soul. Whatever saying you want to believe, a picture can mean so many things to people.

I love hanging photos around my space, it gives live to a blank canvas. So many of you have reach out to me asking how do I place my photos on the wall? I have maybe 6 or 7 I want to display? That is a good question, depending on the size of each photo you can make a collage or have a single large photo depending on your wall size. I love mixing different sizes together. Have at least 2 large photos maybe 22 x 24 and then having 3 or 4 small ones around it, 18×18 or 8×10 then again it depends on the wall space you have. A good way to fit your photos in the space you have is to take painters tape, and make a square around your wall big enough to have space in between each frame and also making sure you have equal distance around your wall. For example:

Or you can use this method in order to measure the size and the layout you would like to use:

I love the first example on how to measure your size of your photos and placement on your wall. Which will lead to the end result of this:

What does your wall say about you?