Orange…is it the new black for Spring?!


Bouncing into spring 2016 I have noticed that new color for spring is Orange! What comes to mind for the color orange…an orange of course but also as everyone would know Hermes! (google image)

More importantly orange has a whole psychology behind the actually color, when I think of orange I think of warm sunny days. I found this list of orange describing words. (google image)


Now that we have some describing words, the meaning behind the color orange here are some fun interiors and fashion that I think will be popping up this spring. (all images from google images)

Benjamin Moore Interior paint- below

Fun Interiors

Also you can add orange wallpaper and orange pillows to your sofa or chair.

Always have fun decorating your fashion style with some oranges in your life

Many Shades of Yellow

After my 3 day adventure in bright sunny Los Angeles, which I love to call it the hub of California fashion. Southern California fashion is laid back, fresh, you can wear whatever you would like and no one would really judge you, if you know you can rock it then wear it. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, conservative, European and cooler weather. If you can rock it wear it but then you will be considered a Hipster or judged whichever comes first.

While walking at my favorite shopping center in Los Angeles, The Grove ( 3rd street , between La Brea and Fairfax) I noticed that the hottest color of Summer is Yellow! All shades of Yellow. The first thing that comes into my mind when I think of the color Yellow…sunny, bright and warm. Now we are only talking about fashion right now. I did purchase a Yellow top at Zara. Some Yellow color fashion to hit stores or your closet soon. (google images)

Michael Kors, DVF, and Delpozo.


Golden Globes 2015



As for the Interior Design aspect of this, you can add yellow by paint, accents and even furniture (google images)

Yellow ceiling
Yellow sofa
Bright yellow walls
come and knock on my door





Time to let those fingers shine…It’s Spring time

Look out! Spring has sprung

One of the hottest trends, that will always be a trend…Nail Polish!

Every year new colors become on the “nail trend” list either fall/winter or spring/summer. I’ve noticed on the streets in California, where we have warm weather most of the time, that bright colors are in. Is it because we live in the ” Golden State” or “where the sun is always shining?” that bright colors are always welcome?

Pantone is another great way of seeing which colors are on trend. Color of the year 2015 Marsala (also can be used in cooking, Marsala wine)  See above the color trends for Spring 2015.

As an Interior Designer with also a Fashion background watching and wearing these trends are rewarding to me.  Feeling inspirited to pampering myself today I decided to get a manicure. (see picture below)

my newly fresh done nails spring 2015

Another great way to spice up spring with these bright colors are for your living space. Paint, pillows and accessories are always welcoming and can be easy switched around or out.  Warm colors to make a room look larger while cool colors make a room smaller. The images below are some of inspirational Interior spaces that showcase bright colors.

Happy Spring!

All images – Google