My Style…Calfornia Fresh

My style.. honestly my style is a little of this and little of that.

Having dinner last night with a friend, they described me as fresh. I am just me! Back in my high school days I always wore what was on trend, which did not make me an individual. When I was a kid, I wore what I want. Looking at old 80’s and 90’s photos thinking to myself woah, I did march to my own beat of my drum.  Now that I am older and wiser, I dress what I am most comfortable in, what makes me feel good, what I know I can rock it. Even if it way out there I always try to rock it.

My style has changed throughout the years…high school…surfer type, zip up hoodies, Roxy and flip flops. In college, when I first started FIDM it was trendy to fit in the LA lifestyle, but the end I wore what was most comfortable to me, if that meant flip flops everyday even in the rain, like a true California girl! Now that I am in the working world, I try to mix all types of fashion, surfer, California, trendy, all black, colors, white, sporty, it is never a dull moment in my style. Now with social media I can express what type of style I do go for. Thanks to Pinterest ! you can check out my style board to get a better sense.

What is your style?