Feng Shui color into your lifestyle

Feng Shui-  Feng means wind and shui means water… Lots of times when I step into a room I stand in center and spin slowly it is not that I am doing a dance but rather looking around to see how the flow of the room is or how we would like the Feng Shui of the room to be. Many of my clients do take in consideration the flow of a room. To make a room look bigger you add a mirror, to make a room look smaller add dark paint on the wall. Many times we do not realize that small adjustments can Feng Shui your room.

Color is one of the many fascinating elements of design- the focal point of any room. It could be paint, wallpaper, art or even furniture. There are 5 elements of Feng Shui color; they are

Fire- Red, Orange, Purple , Pink and a very strong Yellow

Earth- Light Yellow, Beige, Tan, Sand

Metal- Grey, White

Water-Blue, Black

Wood- Brown, Green

To get a better idea on how color can effect your thinking or mood I have added a description of each color and their meanings:

Here are some of my favorite color physiology interiors (google images)