Gone Surfing until Summer is over

Going Surfing ( pinterest)

Well summer is finally here! Warm weather, summer clothing. Time for winter clothing to be put away and linen pants and cute dresses to come out from hiding. Some of you follow my pinterest board “Goin Surfin”. I got into surfing and the lifestyle in high school. I think I have mention it in previous post. I lived in that lifestyle, clothing wise and even designing our guest room into a surfers haven. Surfing is a religion to many surfers, it is being one with mother nature.

Trends go in and out just like the ocean and sometimes they return but with the twist of whatever that year is.

Here are some of my pins from Goin Surfin pinterest board-


Here are some interiors that have inspired me to live the surfing lifestyle. Since surfing is all about being near the ocean and being free. These interiors show examples of light and airy spaces. Some have a lot of colors and most are very clean spaces, with liner lines and very monochromatic feel to it.

Living free with mother nature maybe that is what we are intended to do


California Dreaming

My Style…Calfornia Fresh

My style.. honestly my style is a little of this and little of that.

Having dinner last night with a friend, they described me as fresh. I am just me! Back in my high school days I always wore what was on trend, which did not make me an individual. When I was a kid, I wore what I want. Looking at old 80’s and 90’s photos thinking to myself woah, I did march to my own beat of my drum.  Now that I am older and wiser, I dress what I am most comfortable in, what makes me feel good, what I know I can rock it. Even if it way out there I always try to rock it.

My style has changed throughout the years…high school…surfer type, zip up hoodies, Roxy and flip flops. In college, when I first started FIDM it was trendy to fit in the LA lifestyle, but the end I wore what was most comfortable to me, if that meant flip flops everyday even in the rain, like a true California girl! Now that I am in the working world, I try to mix all types of fashion, surfer, California, trendy, all black, colors, white, sporty, it is never a dull moment in my style. Now with social media I can express what type of style I do go for. Thanks to Pinterest ! you can check out my style board to get a better sense.

What is your style?

Italian style

Italian Style

Every now and then I do take a vacation. My family is from Italy both sides my mother and my father as well. Maybe that is why I love my career fashion and interior design. If you ever get the chance or you do get to go to Italy for business or just to visit, you will have an amazing time rich with culture. I do have a pinterest board all about Italian fashion, and culture:

Ever since I was a little girl going to Italy to visit my grandmother was a place for me to recharge my batteries, stop thinking about work, friends, boyfriends daily drama and to embrace life. The Italians know how to live…they take 2 hour lunches and have almost 1 month off for vacation. The way of life the Italian way is always be in style and own the world but also take time and smell the roses. Live life! Some of my favorite Italian fashion designers and Interiors: (all images are either from google and pinterest)

Italian Fashion

Italian Food

typical Italian coffee – espresso
Pasta with meat sauce
Italian spread- meat, cheese and wine
my grandmothers chocolate

Italian Interiors