Lucite Green please

lucite green

Spring has sprung into full effect with Lucite Green- Patone color 14-5714—Minty, refreshing take on a green from the past. I am obsessed with this color for spring 2015. It is a fresh take on a pastel color that normally you would not think of wearing or seeing in the Fashion and Interior Design world. Also the most famous Lucite Green color and every girls jewelry obsession is Tiffany & Co. Everyone knows this mint green box.

Some Lucite Green paint, remember there is always a 5th wall that is the ceiling: My favorite brand of paint is Benjamin Moore – 620 Key Largo (see below)


This paint is great for kids rooms, bath rooms, even a beach house looking over the water it will make you feel like you are under the sea.

As we prepare for summer this light and airy minty green, that we have added a new 2015 twist to has been around since Hollywood regency.

Some Fashion and Interiors that inspire me to use Lucite Green (images are from pinterest and google)