Velvety Velvets

Velvet…not red velvet cupcakes even though cupcakes are amazing! I am talking about velvet fabric. One of the most riches types of fabrics out there. Traditionally, velvet is associated with nobility, but in today’s world velvet it used for upholstery, fashion, shoes. There are many types of velvet…Silk velvet the most soft and shine type, cotton velvet…more matted but still soft. There are so many ways to use velvet. My favorite indulge is a rich velvet chesterfield sofa with colorful pillows. Here are some of my favorite velvet Fashion and Interiors ( all images from google)

hot red velvet off the runway
Black velvet all day every day!
My favorite envelope pushing fashion designer out there Tom Ford!

Now my guilty pleasure..Interiors

Gingham Style

Gingham style has no right or wrong side with respect of its color.

When you think of Gingham what pops into my mind, a warm summer day laying outside with a picnic basket with some very close friends laughing and drinking lemonade.

As an Interior Designer, gingham means French country style that is not entirely true. You can mix and match gingham fabrics with other styles. Having the small checks usually black and white, but hot off the New York Fashion week gingham checks are in all different colors. (all images are from google)


For Interiors like I have stated before you can use gingham fabrics in different styles  of homes in different places.

Desk chair in gingham fabric


Draperies and bed covered in gingham


remember do not forget the 5th wall…the ceiling