lions..tigers..animal prints!

Animal fabricAnimal prints, animal skins have been around for a lifetime. Back in the Roman days when the winter was cold and the Gladiators would fight wars in winter they would always have fur animals around them to keep them warm and food in their bellies. In this day and age we have PETA, do not get me wrong I am all for stopping animal cruelty and the mis treatment toward animals. That is why I like animal prints and faux leather printed animal skins. This does not hurt any animals and since it will be coving your ottoman, sofa or chair, it is kid and human friendly. Above in the animal print mixture of fabrics that are from Kravet, these are either woven or printed they are not real animal skins. All of these fabrics would be great pillows, ottomas, chairs and even bar stools. I was never a fan of animal prints but they are starting to grow on me. Now in Fashion, major fashion such as one of my favorite fashion houses, Roberto Cavalli.  the most use of animal prints to show off the sexy side of fashion. ( all images from google image)

Roberto Cavalli




How you can use animal print in your interior life