Its spring time for the stripes to shine


As the days are getting long and the nights are warm we are preparing for summer. Well maybe not here in the USA where we have having still snow and rain, which in California we desperately need…Water! But enough of what we do need it is what we want…Stripes! I do believe that stripes on dresses, shirts shoes makes me think of my European Summers. Even Interiors can have stripes, the most famous stripe in Interior Design and signature style of Ralph Lauren. It always reminds me of warm summer nights.

What is a stripe?

a. A long narrow band distinguished, as by color or texture, from the surrounding material or surface.

b. A textile pattern of parallel bands or lines on a contrasting background.
c. A fabric having such a pattern.
I am a huge fan of stripes in my fashion closet I do have several pieces of stripe shirts and even a stripe dress. Also, in Interior Design stripes are very popular, in pillows, sofas, dining chairs and even wallpaper. Since the weather is getting “warmer” it is time to dust off your stripes and wear them or design your house with them. A few images that have inspired me to either design or wear stripes ( images are from pinterest and google)
Oscar De La Renta

Lucite Green please

Spring has sprung into full effect with Lucite Green- Patone color 14-5714—Minty, refreshing take on a green from the past. I am obsessed with this color for spring 2015. It is a fresh take on a pastel color that normally you would not think of wearing or seeing in the Fashion and Interior Design world. Also the most famous Lucite Green color and every girls jewelry obsession is Tiffany & Co. Everyone knows this mint green box.

Some Lucite Green paint, remember there is always a 5th wall that is the ceiling: My favorite brand of paint is Benjamin Moore – 620 Key Largo (see below)


This paint is great for kids rooms, bath rooms, even a beach house looking over the water it will make you feel like you are under the sea.

As we prepare for summer this light and airy minty green, that we have added a new 2015 twist to has been around since Hollywood regency.

Some Fashion and Interiors that inspire me to use Lucite Green (images are from pinterest and google)

Gingham Style

Gingham style has no right or wrong side with respect of its color.

When you think of Gingham what pops into my mind, a warm summer day laying outside with a picnic basket with some very close friends laughing and drinking lemonade.

As an Interior Designer, gingham means French country style that is not entirely true. You can mix and match gingham fabrics with other styles. Having the small checks usually black and white, but hot off the New York Fashion week gingham checks are in all different colors. (all images are from google)


For Interiors like I have stated before you can use gingham fabrics in different styles  of homes in different places.

Desk chair in gingham fabric


Draperies and bed covered in gingham


remember do not forget the 5th wall…the ceiling




Time to let those fingers shine…It’s Spring time

Look out! Spring has sprung

One of the hottest trends, that will always be a trend…Nail Polish!

Every year new colors become on the “nail trend” list either fall/winter or spring/summer. I’ve noticed on the streets in California, where we have warm weather most of the time, that bright colors are in. Is it because we live in the ” Golden State” or “where the sun is always shining?” that bright colors are always welcome?

Pantone is another great way of seeing which colors are on trend. Color of the year 2015 Marsala (also can be used in cooking, Marsala wine)  See above the color trends for Spring 2015.

As an Interior Designer with also a Fashion background watching and wearing these trends are rewarding to me.  Feeling inspirited to pampering myself today I decided to get a manicure. (see picture below)

my newly fresh done nails spring 2015

Another great way to spice up spring with these bright colors are for your living space. Paint, pillows and accessories are always welcoming and can be easy switched around or out.  Warm colors to make a room look larger while cool colors make a room smaller. The images below are some of inspirational Interior spaces that showcase bright colors.

Happy Spring!

All images – Google