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Its a new year, 2018! Out with the old in the new! This year I have decided to blog about “how to” as well as still sticking with adding Fashion Design to the mix.

Accessories, can either make or break a space, an outfit or in this case your cocktail table. In this blog I am going to show you “how to” design a simple table top.

First thing, decide what you want to feature. Is it flowers, books, candles? What is your focal point? In my option fresh flowers make me happy, so for me fresh flowers are a must on my table. I want to display them in a small vase. I have chosen this one from Michael’s . You want nothing too tall unless you are going to have long stem flowers. Of course my favorite flower are Sunflowers, but in this case I have chosen Peonies! (most girls favorite flower).  Then pick a favorite candle, mine is Brentwood by Hudson Grace. I always like add a decorative box, one of my favorite type is Faux Shagreen from William Sonoma. I just love how simple and the texture is.  Now you can put these items on a tray or you can just have them just sitting on the table. I like to have everything simple and clean so of course I would have a tray. I have chosen this tray by West Elm is because I love how simple and having a mirror bottom can bring light to your space especially if you have the candle burn. Of course I could not leave these books out of my space. I love fashion and why not have some fashion books such as Chanel, Prada,  and  Louis Vutton. You can choose whatever book you would like, it could be art, travel, photography. You want to create this space that is to you, to your taste. Pretty soon, when you start to put all these together this is what you have created.

Created by Julia Cavallaro Designs

This creates a simple yet clean accessories for your table. Make sure that when designing your accessories, that it does not get to cluttery. My motto is create simple, live grand.

Black and Gold…Read all about it

Gold. What comes to mind when I think about gold…Money, Royalty, Sophistication, Power, Wealth. As growing up I never liked the metal yellow gold, now that I am an adult I love the metal yellow gold. Gold is used in modern day technology, fashion, jewelry and Interior Design. One of the hottest trends in todays Interior Design world is Gold and Black. One of the most sophisticated glam essence of Interior Design. Mostly Black and Gold Interiors were of the Art Deco era. Think Great Gatsby. Lavish black tie parties just screaming sophistication. In todays world we can see Black and Gold Interiors. (all Images Google) I have shown some of my favorite Black and Gold Items ranging from Fashion, to Interior Design.

Statement Necklace
Studded purse

Gold accents at the Kravet San Francisco Showroom

Feng Shui color into your lifestyle

Feng Shui-  Feng means wind and shui means water… Lots of times when I step into a room I stand in center and spin slowly it is not that I am doing a dance but rather looking around to see how the flow of the room is or how we would like the Feng Shui of the room to be. Many of my clients do take in consideration the flow of a room. To make a room look bigger you add a mirror, to make a room look smaller add dark paint on the wall. Many times we do not realize that small adjustments can Feng Shui your room.

Color is one of the many fascinating elements of design- the focal point of any room. It could be paint, wallpaper, art or even furniture. There are 5 elements of Feng Shui color; they are

Fire- Red, Orange, Purple , Pink and a very strong Yellow

Earth- Light Yellow, Beige, Tan, Sand

Metal- Grey, White

Water-Blue, Black

Wood- Brown, Green

To get a better idea on how color can effect your thinking or mood I have added a description of each color and their meanings:

Here are some of my favorite color physiology interiors (google images)