Tweed and more Tweed

Tweed fabric
It has been awhile since I wrote my last post about lace. In September I took a trip to Italy and Portugal. Portugal- a must visit I say. The people, the culture and the food it’s a hidden gem. As I express so many times in conversation with people my love is Italy. Their culture, the food, the fashion, changing every 6 months and the way of life.  Now I know I am bias because I grew up in a very Italian household and going to grandma house was not a hop skip or a jump, it required a 14 hour plane ride not a direct flight from San Francisco and 9 hours difference, but I would not change that for the world. As I got older, going to the beach was always fun but learning about different cities within Italy made my love for the arts even stronger. Which lead to my love for fashion and Interior / architecture design. When I am touring around I am always looking into clothing stores, and observing what people on the streets are wearing and take that back to San Francisco. On my many trips downtown I did notice that the main key fashion statement was Tweed..its back so bring out your Chanel #5 tweed, black and white, even grey and white. I even bought a black and white turtle neck poncho that is tweed from Zara. It keeps me so warm

Tweed can be used almost anywhere. A sofa, a chair, a pillow, an ottoman even drapery. What is a tweed – are an icon of traditional Irish and British country clothing, being desirable for informal outerwear, due to the material being moisture-resistant and durable. Tweeds are made to withstand harsh climate (tweed) . Ralph Lauren home is by far the most iconic for tweed and menswear suiting fabric for the Interior Design world. See below ( google image)

Ralph Lauren Home

Some of my favorite tweed wallpapers:

As well as another idea on how to use “menswear” tweed as drapery. Christina who is a sales associate at The Shade Store in San Francisco was kind enough to email me a photo from The Shade Store facebook page. An installation that makes the room put together, by adding accent pillows to match the drapery.

The Shade Store facebook page
Some inspirational interiors that have used tweed some way shape or form (google image)

Maybe everyone can find their Watson to their Sherlock Homes


Gentleman’s Code

Gentleman’s Code

tumblr_n9gz8btdku1t0k6q7o1_500My days at fashion school in Los Angeles were always about woman’s fashion…well what about men’s wear? Men do have it easy, a shirt, tie, jacket, vest and pants.  They also have only one type of shoe…Flat! As I was consulting with my very dear friend about a certain pair of shoes he was going to buy, got me started thinking about men’s fashion… about Fashion/Interiors/Men.

When you think of the ultimate mature type of guy you think some guy who has it all and who looks amazing in the following images. But one question does come to mind when thinking about men’s wear…How we can apply this very minimal variety of options in Interior Design?

(all images – google images)


Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2015
Giorgio Armani Menswear Collection Spring Summer 2015 in Milan
Blues and whites mix together- Giorgio Armani Menswear Collection Spring Summer 2015 in Milan
Its all about the Orange – Canali Spring/Summer 2015 runway
Still grey suiting classic- Tom Ford 2015


Now this is how we can apply mens fashion into Interior Design (google images)



the open living area concept